58. Considerations relevant to weighing of hearsay evidence

(1) In estimating the weight (if any) to be given to hearsay evidence in proceedings the Court shall have regard to any circumstances from which any inference can reasonably be drawn as to the reliability or otherwise of the evidence.
(2) Regard may be had, in particular, to the following —
(a) whether it would have been reasonable and practicable for the party adducing the evidence to have produced the maker of the original statement as a witness;
(b) whether the original statement was made contemporaneously with the occurrence or existence of the matters stated;
(c) whether the evidence involves multiple hearsay;
(d) whether any person involved had any motive to conceal or misrepresent matters;
(e) whether the original statement was an edited account, or was made in collaboration with another person or for a particular purpose;
(f) whether the circumstances in which evidence is adduced as hearsay are such as to suggest an attempt to prevent the proper evaluation of its weight.