59. Procedural rules

(1) The Board may make rules about proceedings brought under section 58 (objection to company's registered name).
(2) The rules may, in particular, make provision—
(a) as to how an application is to be made and the form and content of an application or other documents,
(b) for fees to be charged,
(c) about the service of documents and the consequences of failure to serve them,
(d) as to the form and manner in which evidence is to be given,
(e) for circumstances in which hearings are required and those in which they are not,
(f) setting time limits for anything required to be done in connection with the proceedings (and allowing for such limits to be extended, even if they have expired),
(g) enabling the Registrar to strike out an application, or any defence, in whole or in part—
(i) on the ground that it is vexatious, has no reasonable prospect of success or is otherwise misconceived, or
(ii) for failure to comply with the requirements of the rules,
(h) conferring power to order security for costs,
(i) as to how far proceedings are to be held in public,
(j) requiring one party to bear the costs of another and as to the taxing the amount of such costs.