6. Follow up non-real time communications and Solicited Real Time Communications

(1) Where a person makes or directs a communication (the "first communication") which is exempt from the Financial Promotion Restriction because, in compliance with the requirements of another provision of this Schedule, it is accompanied by certain indications or contains certain information, then the Financial Promotion Restriction does not apply to any subsequent communication which complies with the requirements of sub-paragraph (2).
(2) The requirements of this paragraph are that the subsequent communication —
(a) is a non-real time communication or a Solicited Real Time Communication;
(b) is made by, or on behalf of, the same person who made the first communication;
(c) is made to a Recipient of the first communication;
(d) relates to the same kind of activity and the same Specified Investment as the first communication; and
(e) is made within 12 months of the Recipient receiving the first communication.
(3) The provisions of this paragraph only apply in the case of a person who makes or directs a communication on behalf of another where the first communication is made by that other person.
(4) Where a person makes or directs a communication on behalf of another person in reliance on the exemption contained in this paragraph, the person on whose behalf the communication was made or directed remains responsible for the content of that communication.