6. Functions and powers of a Cell Liquidator

(1) The Cell Liquidator of a cell of a Protected Cell Company may —
(a) do all such things as may be necessary or expedient for the purposes set out in paragraph 4(3) (Cell Liquidation Order) of this Schedule; and
(b) exercise all the functions and powers of the Directors in respect of the business and cellular assets attributable to the cell.
(2) The Cell Liquidator may at any time apply to the Court for —
(a) directions as to the extent or exercise of any function or power; or
(b) an order as to any matter arising in the course of the liquidation of the cell.
(3) In exercising his functions and powers the Cell Liquidator shall be deemed to act as agent of the Protected Cell Company, and shall not incur personal liability except to the extent that he is fraudulent, reckless, negligent, or acts in bad faith.
(4) Any person dealing with the Cell Liquidator in good faith and for value need not inquire whether the Cell Liquidator is acting within his powers.