6. General powers of Registrar in relation to proceedings before him

(1) At any stage of proceedings before him, the Registrar may direct that the parties to the proceedings attend a case management conference or pre-hearing review.
(2) The Registrar may give such directions as to the management of the proceedings as he thinks fit, and in particular he may —
(a) direct a document to be filed or to be copied to a party to proceedings within a specified period,
(b) allow for the electronic filing and sending of documents,
(c) direct how documents filed or sent electronically are to be authenticated,
(d) direct that a document shall not be available for public inspection,
(e) require a translation of any document,
(f) direct that a witness be cross-examined,
(g) consolidate proceedings,
(h) direct that proceedings are to be heard by more than one person,
(i) direct that part of any proceedings be dealt with as separate proceedings, or
(j) suspend or stay proceedings.
(3) The Registrar may control the evidence by giving directions as to —
(a) the issues on which he requires evidence,
(b) the nature of the evidence which he requires to decide those issues, and
(c) the way in which the evidence is to be placed before him,
and the Registrar may use his power under this paragraph to exclude evidence which would otherwise be admissible.