7. Introductions

(1) If the requirements of sub-paragraph (2) are met, the Financial Promotion Restriction does not apply to any communication which is made with a view to or for the purposes of introducing the Recipient to —
(a) an Authorised Person who carries on the activity to which the communication relates; or
(b) an Exempt Person where the communication relates to an activity in relation to which he is an Exempt Person.
(2) The requirements of this paragraph are that —
(a) the maker of the communication ("A") is not a Close Relative of, nor a member of the same Group as, the person to whom the introduction is, or is to be, made;
(b) A does not receive from any person other than the Recipient any pecuniary reward or other advantage arising out of his making the introduction; and
(c) it is clear in all the circumstances that the Recipient, in his capacity as an investor, is not seeking and has not sought advice from A as to the merits of the Recipient Engaging in Investment Activity (or, if the client has sought such advice, A has declined to give it, but has recommended that the Recipient seek such advice from an Authorised Person).