7. Time limits

(1) Where the Court gives a judgment, order or direction which imposes a time limit for doing any act, the last date for compliance must wherever practicable be expressed as a calendar date, and it must include the time of day by which the act must be done.
(2) The Court may extend or shorten any time limit set by these Rules or any relevant practice direction (unless to do so would be contrary to any ADGM enactment), either on an application by one or more parties or of its own initiative.
(3) The Registrar must notify the parties when a time limit is varied under this Rule.
(4) An application for an extension of time may be granted after the time limit has expired.
(5) Subject to the provisions of a relevant practice direction, when the period specified for doing any act at the registry ends on a day on which the office is closed, that act shall be in time if done on the next day on which the registry is open.