70. Requirement to disclose company name etc

(1) The Board may make rules requiring companies—
(a) to display specified information in specified locations,
(b) to state specified information in specified descriptions of document or communication, and
(c) to provide specified information on request to those they deal with in the course of their business.
(2) The rules—
(a) must in every case require disclosure of the name of the company,
(b) may make provision as to the manner in which any specified information is to be displayed, stated or provided, and
(c) may declare specified companies exempt in whole or in part from the requirements imposed under this section.
(3) The rules may provide that, for the purposes of any requirement to disclose a company's name, any variation between a word or words required to be part of the name and a permitted abbreviation of that word or those words (or vice versa) shall be disregarded.
(4) In this section "specified" means specified in the rules made under this section.