740. Register Of Interests Disclosed

(1) The company must keep a register of information received by it in pursuance of a requirement imposed under section 725 (notice requiring information about interests in company’s shares).
(2) A company which receives any such information must, within three (3) days of the receipt, enter in the register-
(a) the fact that the requirement was imposed and the date on which it was imposed, and
(b) the information received in pursuance of the requirement.
(3) The information must be entered against the name of the present holder of the shares in question or, if there is no present holder or the present holder is not known, against the name of the person holding the interest.
(4) The register must be made up so that the entries against the names entered in it appear in chronological order.
(5) The company is not by virtue of anything done for the purposes of this section affected with notice of, or put upon inquiry as to, the rights of any person in relation to any shares.