744. Court Supervision Of Purpose For Which Rights May Be Exercised

(1) Where a company receives a request under section 743 (register of interests disclosed: right to inspect and require copy), it must-
(a) comply with the request if it is satisfied that it is made for a proper purpose, and
(b) refuse the request if it is not so satisfied.
(2) If the company refuses the request, it must inform the person making the request, stating the reason why it is not satisfied.
(3) A person whose request is refused may apply to the Court.
(4) If an application is made to the Court-
(a) the person who made the request must notify the company, and
(b) the company must use its best endeavours to notify any persons whose details would be disclosed if the company were required to comply with the request.
(5) If the Court is not satisfied that the inspection or copy is sought for a proper purpose, it shall direct the company not to comply with the request.
(6) If the Court makes such a direction and it appears to the Court that the company is or may be subject to other requests made for a similar purpose (whether made by the same person or different persons), it may direct that the company is not to comply with any such request.
The order must contain such provision as appears to the Court appropriate to identify the requests to which it applies.
(7) If the Court does not direct the company not to comply with the request, the company must comply with the request immediately upon the Court giving its decision or, as the case may be, the proceedings being discontinued.