8. Obligations of eligible auditors with respect to maintenance of the register

(1) Each eligible auditor shall co-operate with the Registrar for the purpose of ensuring that the Registrar enters on the register the information required by these Rules in respect of each person eligible and willing to be appointnted as an auditor in the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
(2) It is the duty of each eligible auditor to send to the Registrar (in electronic form prescribed by the Registrar from time to time) for entry on the register any changes to that information set out in paragraph 6, including that relating to persons who became eligible for appointment as auditors on or after the date on which it was first filed.
(3) It is the duty of each eligible auditor to take reasonable care to ensure that the information sent by it under these Rules is accurate and correct and that, in the case of information required under paragraph (2), it is sent to the Registrar within the period of 10 business days beginning with the day on which the body becomes aware of the relevant change.