824. Circumstances in which certain particulars and reports not required

(1) This section applies in the case of a merger by absorption where all of the relevant securities of the merging company (or, if there is more than one merging company, of each of them) other than the surviving company are held by or on behalf of the surviving company.
(2) The draft terms of the scheme need not give the particulars mentioned in section 811(2)(b), to 811(2)(e) (particulars relating to allotment of shares to members of merging company).
(3) Section 803 (statement to be circulated or made available) does not apply.
(4) The requirements of the following sections do not apply–
(a) section 815 (directors’ or equivalent office holders’ explanatory report),
(b) section 816 (expert’s report).
(5) The requirements of section 818 (inspection of documents) so far as relating to any document required to be drawn up under the provisions mentioned in subsection (4) above do not apply.
(6) In this section “relevant securities”, in relation to a merging company, means shares or other securities carrying the right to vote at general meetings of the merging company.