885. Registrar’s decision on application for administrative restoration

(1) The Registrar must give notice to the applicant of the decision on an application under section 882 (application for administrative restoration to the register).
(2) If the decision is that the company should be restored to the register, the restoration takes effect as from the date that notice is sent.
(3) In the case of such a decision, the Registrar must–
(a) enter on the register a note of the date as from which the company’s restoration to the register takes effect, and
(b) cause notice of the restoration to be published on the website of the Registrar.
(4) The notice under subsection (3)(b) must state–
(a) the name of the company or, if the company is restored to the register under a different name (see section 891), that name and its former name,
(b) the company’s registered number, and
(c) the date as from which the restoration of the company to the register takes effect.