893. Investigation of a company on its own application or that of its members

(1) The Registrar may appoint one or more competent inspectors to investigate the affairs of a company and to report the results of their investigations to it.
(2) The appointment may be made—
(a) in the case of a company having a share capital, on the application either of not less than 200 members or of members holding not less than one-tenth of the shares issued (excluding any shares held as treasury shares),
(b) in the case of a company not having a share capital, on the application of not less than one-fifth in number of the persons on the company's register of members, and
(c) in any case, on application of the company.
(3) The application shall be supported by such evidence as the Registrar may require for the purpose of showing that the applicant or applicants have good reason for requiring the investigation.
(4) The Registrar may, before appointing inspectors, require the applicant or applicants to give security, to an amount not exceeding 10,000 US dollars, or such other sum as it may by specify in rules made under this section, for payment of the costs of the investigation.