899. Expenses of investigating a company’s affairs

(1) The expenses of an investigation under any of the powers conferred by this Part shall be defrayed in the first instance by the Registrar, but it may recover those expenses from the persons liable in accordance with this section.
There shall be treated as expenses of the investigation, in particular, such reasonable sums as the Registrar may determine in respect of general staff costs and overheads.
(2) A person who is found to have committed a contravention of these Regulations in proceedings instituted as a result of the investigation may in the same proceedings be ordered to pay those expenses to such extent as may be specified in the order.
(3) A body corporate dealt with by an inspectors’ report, where the inspectors were appointed otherwise than of the Registrar’s own motion, is liable except where it was the applicant for the investigation, and except so far as the Registrar otherwise directs.
(4) Where inspectors were appointed—
(a) under section 893, or
(b) on an application under section 901(3),
the applicant or applicants for the investigation is or are liable to such extent (if any) as the Registrar may direct.
(5) The report of inspectors appointed otherwise than of the Registrar’s own motion may, if they think fit, and shall if the Registrar so directs, include a recommendation as to the directions (if any) which they think appropriate, in the light of their investigation, to be given under subsection (4) or (5) of this section.
(6) Any liability to repay the Registrar imposed by subsection (2) above is (subject to satisfaction of his right to repayment) a liability also to indemnify all persons against liability under subsections (4) and (5).
(7) A person liable under any one of those subsections is entitled to contribution from any other person liable under the same subsection, according to the amount of their respective liabilities under it.