9. Application of security after consideration of complaint at a hearing

(1) When a complaint has been considered at a hearing, the Registrar may, if satisfied that the complaint was well founded, order that the security be forfeited either wholly or in part, and that the forfeited amount be paid, in such proportions as the Registrar considers appropriate —
(a) to the complainant by way of compensation for failure in due performance of the certified person's duties as an enforcement agent or for the complainant's costs or expenses in attending and making representations; and
(b) where costs or expenses have been incurred by the Court in considering the complaint at a hearing, to the Registrar by way of reimbursement of those costs or expenses.
(2) The Registrar may make an order under paragraph (1) whether or not the certificate is cancelled or suspended.
(3) If an order is made under paragraph (1) but the certificate is not cancelled, rule 4(4) applies.
(4) If the certificate is cancelled, the security must, subject to the making of an order under paragraph (1), be cancelled and the balance of any deposit, following payment of any amounts ordered to be forfeited, returned to the certified person.