902. Provisions applicable on investigation under section 901

(1) For purposes of an investigation under section 901, sections 895, 896, 897 and 898 apply with the necessary modifications of references to the affairs of the company or to those of any other body corporate, subject however to the following subsections.
(2) Those sections apply to—
(a) all persons who are or have been, or whom the inspector has reasonable cause to believe to be or have been, financially interested in the success or failure or the apparent success or failure of the company or any other body corporate whose membership is investigated with that of the company, or able to control or materially influence its policy (including persons concerned only on behalf of others), and
(b) any other person whom the inspector has reasonable cause to believe possesses information relevant to the investigation,
as they apply in relation to officers and agents of the company or the other body corporate (as the case may be).
(3) If the Registrar is of opinion that there is good reason for not divulging any part of a report made by virtue of section 901 and this section, it may under section 898 disclose the report with the omission of that part, and it may cause to be kept by the Registrar of companies a copy of the report with that part omitted or, in the case of any other such report, a copy of the whole report.