904. Power to impose restrictions on shares and debentures

(1) If in connection with an investigation under either section 901 or 903 it appears to the Registrar that there is difficulty in finding out the relevant facts about any shares (whether issued or to be issued), it may by order direct that the shares shall until further order be subject to the restrictions of Chapter 2 of this Part.
(2) If the Registrar is satisfied that an order under subsection (1) may unfairly affect the rights of third parties in respect of shares then the Registrar, for the purpose of protecting such rights and subject to such terms as it thinks fit, may direct that such acts by such persons or descriptions of persons and for such purposes as may be set out in the order, shall not constitute a breach of the restrictions of Chapter 2 of this Part.
(3) This section, and Chapter 2 in its application to orders under it, apply in relation to debentures as in relation to shares save that subsection (2) shall not so apply.