905. General powers to give directions

(1) In exercising his functions an inspector shall comply with any direction given to him by the Registrar under this section.
(2) The Registrar may give an inspector appointed under section 893, 894(2)or 901(1) a direction—
(a) as to the subject matter of his investigation (whether by reference to a specified area of a company's operation, a specified transaction, a period of time or otherwise), or
(b) which requires the inspector to take or not to take a specified step in his investigation.
(3) The Registrar may give an inspector appointed under any provision of this Part a direction requiring it to secure that a specified report under section 898
(a) includes the inspector's views on a specified matter,
(b) does not include any reference to a specified matter,
(c) is made in a specified form or manner, or
(d) is made by a specified date.
(4) A direction under this section—
(a) may be given on an inspector's appointment,
(b) may vary or revoke a direction previously given, and
(c) may be given at the request of an inspector.
(5) In this section—
(a) a reference to an inspector's investigation includes any investigation he undertakes, or could undertake, under section 895 (power to investigate affairs of holding company or subsidiary),
(b) "specified" means specified in a direction under this section.