96. Contempt of court

(1) The Courts have jurisdiction, on application or on their own motion, to deal with matters relating to contempt.
(2) The Courts have jurisdiction under this section to deal with any person who —
(a) wilfully insults the Judge or Judges, the Registrar, any witnesses before or officer of the Court or any lawyer having business in the Court, during his or their sitting or attendance in Court or in going to or returning from the Court;
(b) wilfully interrupts the proceedings of the Court or otherwise misbehaves in Court; or
(c) is otherwise in contempt of court.
(3) In any such case the Court may, if it thinks fit:
(a) impose on him a fine not exceeding level 4 on the standard fine scale;
(b) refer the matter to the Attorney General of Abu Dhabi; or
(c) make such other order as it considers necessary to achieve the ends of justice.
Amended on December 18, 2018