962. Application to Registrar to make address unavailable for public inspection

(1) The Registrar may make rules which provide for the Registrar, on application, to make an address on the register unavailable for public inspection.
(2) The rules may make provision as to—
(a) who may make an application,
(b) the grounds on which an application may be made,
(c) the information to be included in and documents to accompany an application,
(d) the notice to be given of an application and of its outcome, and
(e) how an application is to be determined.
(3) Provision under subsection (2)(e) may in particular—
(a) confer a discretion on the Registrar,
(b) provide for a question to be referred to a person other than the Registrar for the purposes of determining the application.
(4) An application must specify the address to be removed from the register and indicate where on the register it is.
(5) The rules may provide—
(a) that an address is not to be made unavailable for public inspection under this section unless replaced by a service address, and
(b) that in such a case the application must specify a service address.