969. Administrative removal of material from the register

(1) The Registrar may remove from the register anything that there was power, but no duty, to include.
(2) This power is exercisable, in particular, so as to remove–
(a) unnecessary material within the meaning of section 948, and
(b) material derived from a document that has been replaced under–
section 950 (replacement of document not meeting requirements for proper delivery), or
section 968 (notice to remedy inconsistency on the register).
(3) This section does not authorise the removal from the register of–
(a) anything whose registration has had legal consequences in relation to the company as regards–
(i) its formation,
(ii) a change of name,
(iii) its re-registration,
(iv) a reduction of capital,
(v) a change of registered office,
(vi) the registration of a charge, or
(vii) its dissolution,
(b) an address that is a person’s service address for the purposes of section 1000 (service of documents on directors, secretaries and others).
(4) On or before removing any material under this section (otherwise than at the request of the company) the Registrar must give notice–
(a) to the person by whom the material was delivered (if the identity, and name and address of that person are known), or
(b) to the company to which the material relates (if notice cannot be given under paragraph (a) and the identity of that company is known).
(5) The notice must–
(a) state what material the Registrar proposes to remove, or has removed, and on what grounds, and
(b) state the date on which it is issued.