970. Rectification of register on application to Registrar

(1) The Registrar may make rules providing for the Registrar, on application, to remove from the register material of a description specified in the rules that–
(a) derives from anything invalid or ineffective or that was done without the authority of the company, or
(b) is factually inaccurate, or is derived from something that is factually inaccurate or forged.
(2) The rules may make provision as to–
(a) who may make an application,
(b) the information to be included in and documents to accompany an application,
(c) the notice to be given of an application and of its outcome,
(d) a period in which objections to an application may be made, and
(e) how an application is to be determined.
(3) An application must–
(a) specify what is to be removed from the register and indicate where on the register it is, and
(b) be accompanied by a statement that the material specified in the application complies with this section and the rules.
(4) If no objections are made to the application, the Registrar may accept the statement as sufficient evidence that the material specified in the application should be removed from the register.
(5) Where anything is removed from the register under this section the registration of which had legal consequences as mentioned in section 969(3), any person appearing to the Court to have a sufficient interest may apply to the Court for such consequential orders as appear just with respect to the legal effect (if any) to be accorded to the material by virtue of its having appeared on the register.