972. Powers of Court on ordering removal of material from the register

(1) Where the Court makes an order for the removal of anything from the register under section 971 (rectification of the register), it may give directions under this section.
(2) It may direct that any note on the register that is related to the material that is the subject of the Court’s order shall be removed from the register.
(3) It may direct that its order shall not be available for public inspection as part of the register.
(4) It may direct–
(a) that no note shall be made on the register as a result of its order, or
(b) that any such note shall be restricted to such matters as may be specified by the Court.
(5) The Court shall not give any direction under this section unless it is satisfied–
(a) that–
(i) the presence on the register of the note or, as the case may be, of an unrestricted note, or
(ii) the availability for public inspection of the Court’s order,
may cause damage to the company, and
(b) that the company’s interest in non-disclosure outweighs any interest of other persons in disclosure.