98. Proceedings to be held in public

(1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), or any other ADGM enactment, all hearings, including trials, shall be held in public.
(2) The Court may make special arrangements for accommodating members of the public, if it considers it appropriate to do so.
(3) The Court may direct that a hearing, or any part of it, be held in private if —
(a) publicity would defeat the object of the hearing;
(b) it involves matters relating to national security;
(c) it involves confidential information (including information relating to personal financial matters) and publicity would damage that confidentiality;
(d) a private hearing is necessary to protect the interests of a party or witness;
(e) it is a hearing of an application made without notice and it would be unjust to any respondent for there to be a public hearing;
(f) it involves uncontentious matters arising in the administration of trusts; or
(g) the Court considers this to be necessary, in the interests of justice.
(4) The Court may order that the identity of any party or witness must not be disclosed if it considers non-disclosure necessary —
(a) in order to protect the interests of that party or witness; or
(b) in the interests of justice.