988. Alternative to publication on website

(1) Notices that would otherwise need to be published by the Registrar on its website may instead be published by such means as may from time to time be approved by the Registrar in accordance with rules made by the Board.
(2) The Board may make rules as to what alternative means may be approved.
(3) The rules may, in particular—
(a) require the use of other electronic means,
(b) require the same means to be used for all notices or for all notices of specified descriptions, and
(c) impose conditions as to the manner in which access to the notices is to be made available.
(4) Before starting to publish notices by means approved under this section the Registrar must publish at least one notice to that effect on its website.
(5) Nothing in this section prevents the Registrar from giving public notice both on its website and by means approved under this section. In that case, the requirement of public notice is met when notice is first given by either means.