CIB 2.2.1 Minimum capital requirements

(1) A Captive Insurer must have and maintain at all times the minimum capital required under this Chapter
(2) The minimum capital requirement for a Captive Insurer is the highest of the following:
(a) the base capital requirement for the Captive Insurer under Rule 2.2.2;
(b) the premium risk component under Rule 2.2.3; and
(c) the technical provision risk component under Rule 2.2.4 or Rule 2.2.5.
(3) Notwithstanding Rule 2.2.1(2) above, the Regulator may, by written notice, direct a Captive Insurer (whether on application of the Captive Insurer or on the Regulator's own initiative) to comply with a higher minimum capital requirement than as set out in these Rules.