COBS 6.7.3 Allocation of Investments

Where an Authorised Person has aggregated a Client order with an order for other Clients or with an order for its own account, and part or all of the aggregated order has been filled, it must:

(a) promptly allocate the Investments concerned;
(b) allocate the Investments in accordance with the stated intention;
(c) ensure the allocation is done fairly and uniformly by not giving undue preference to itself or to any of those for whom it dealt; and
(d) make and maintain a record of:
(i) the date and time of the allocation;
(ii) the relevant Investments;
(iii) the identify of each Client concerned; and
(iv) the amount allocated to each Client and to the Authorised Person recorded against the intended allocation as required in Rule 6.7.3(b).