The Decision Maker

3.6 The principal decision maker at the Registration Authority is the Registrar. The Registrar may delegate his decision-making power to a member of senior management of the Registration Authority. For the purposes of this Chapter, a reference to the Registrar is also a reference to a delegated decision maker, if any.
3.7 In accordance with section 54(2) of CLR 2015, the Registrar will ensure that a decision to issue a supervisory notice, warning notice or decision notice will be made by (i) a person who was not directly involved in establishing the evidence on which such decision will be based, or (ii) two or more persons, of which one person was not directly involved in establishing such evidence.
3.8 However, the Registrar may permit a person who established evidence to also issue a supervisory notice, if the Registrar deems it necessary in order to advance one or more of the RA’s objectives and such person is an Executive Director of the Registration Authority.
3.9 The Registrar makes a decision as to whether to give a statutory notice.