Determining the appropriate amount of a fine

4.8 Under section 45(2) of CLR 2015, to determine the amount of a fine to be imposed under section 41, the Registration Authority must have regard to the following factors:
a. the seriousness of the contravention in question in relation to the nature of the relevant requirement or provision of the Regulations contravened;
b. the extent to which the contravention was deliberate or reckless; and
c. whether the licensed person against whom action is to be taken is an individual.
4.9 In addition to having regard to the factors in paragraph 4.8 above, where the Registration Authority decides that a fine is appropriate, further considerations may also be relevant to determining the amount of that fine. The following paragraphs set out a non-exhaustive list of factors and considerations that the Registration Authority will consider to determine the amount of fines.