Enforcement Principles

2.2 The Registration Authority’s approach to enforcement is based on the following principles:
a. Risk Based Approach: the Registration Authority follows a risk-based approach to the monitoring and enforcement of ADGM’s commercial legislation. The risk based approach ensures that the Registration Authority’s resources are focused on those areas that it perceives as posing the greatest risk to the achievement of its objectives.
b. Acting Decisively: the Registration Authority acts decisively and swiftly to stop conduct which may cause reputational damage to, or threatens the integrity of, the ADGM, to minimise its effects, and prevent such conduct re-occurring.
c. Procedural Fairness and Proportionality: the Registration Authority takes enforcement action in accordance with its policies and procedures. In the exercise of its enforcement powers the Registration Authority acts fairly, transparently and proportionally.
d. Transparency: the Registration Authority ordinarily publicises outcomes arising from an enforcement action taken, in order to maintain the integrity of the ADGM and deter contraventions. The commencement and progress on investigations will not generally be publicised.
e. Cooperation: the Registration Authority works closely with relevant U.A.E. Government Authorities to ensure the comprehensive, effective and efficient oversight of all non-financial business sectors in ADGM.