1. An Authorised Person should refer to Chapters 4, 5 and 6 to determine whether it is required to calculate a Credit Risk Capital Requirement (also referred to in these Rules as CRCOM), a Market Risk Capital Requirement or an Operational Risk Capital Requirement, respectively.
2. The Displaced Commercial Risk Capital Requirement will only apply to an Authorised Person Managing a Profit Sharing Investment Account which is a PSIAu.
3. An Authorised Person will also need to consider the relevant provisions in the IFR rules relating to Credit Risk and Market Risk for Islamic Contracts when calculating its CRCOM and Market Risk Capital Requirement.
4. Where the Risk Capital Requirement is the binding Capital Requirement calculated using the provisions in Section 3.4 the Regulator may impose an Individual Capital Requirement (see Chapter 10) on an Authorised Person.
Such a requirement is additional to the Risk Capital Requirement and is, therefore, a component of the Capital Requirement for the Authorised Person.