1. This table summarises the Capital Requirement that an Authorised Person is subject to and an Authorised Person should hold sufficient Capital Resources at all times to meet the Capital Requirement.


2. An Authorised Person, whichever Category it is a member of, must hold a minimum amount of CET1 Capital at the time that it obtains authorisation and at all times thereafter, in accordance with Rule 3.3.3, corresponding to the Base Capital Requirement.
3. Where the Risk Capital Requirement is the binding capital requirement for an Authorised Person in Category 12 or 5 it must also hold a Capital Conservation Buffer of CET1 Capital of 2.5% of the Total Risk Exposure Amount and, where applicable, a Countercyclical Capital Buffer of CET1 Capital, to be determined in accordance with Section 3.18.
4. An Authorised Person in Category 3B, 3C or 4 must notify the Regulator immediately if its Capital Resources fall below 120% of its Capital Requirement, in accordance with Rule 3.20.2.
5. An Authorised Person in Category 4 is only permitted to hold Insurance Monies.