1. Principle 9 of the Principles for Authorised Persons (Customer assets and money) in GEN 2.2.9 requires an Authorised Person to arrange proper protection for Clients' Assets and Relevant Money where the Authorised Person is responsible for them. An essential part of that protection is that an Authorised Person must properly safeguard Client Assets held or controlled on behalf of a Client in the course of, or in connection with, the carrying on of Investment Business, or properly safeguard Relevant Money in the course of the delivery of Payment Services, in or from the Abu Dhabi Global Market.
2. An Authorised Person must introduce adequate organisational arrangements to minimise the risk of the loss or diminution of Client Assets and Relevant Money, or of rights in connection with Client Assets and Relevant Money, as a result of, for example, the Authorised Person's or a third party's insolvency, fraud, poor administration, inadequate recordkeeping or negligence.
3. For the purposes of interpretation of this Chapter by an Authorised Person engaging in Payment Services as part of undertaking the Regulated Activity of Providing Money Services, only those Rules which apply to Relevant Money shall be applicable. References which require the safekeeping of Relevant Money in a Client Account do not result in a Payment Service User becoming a Client of a Payment Service Provider.