IFR 6.5.1

A Fund Manager of an Islamic Fund which is a Public Fund must state in the Fund's Prospectus:

(a) that all the operations in relation to the Fund will be conducted in accordance with Shari'a;
(b) if the Fund has a Shari'a Supervisory Board appointed to it, the names of the members of the Shari'a Supervisory Board and their qualifications and experience and, whether or not the Fund Manager's Shari'a Supervisory Board is appointed to the Fund pursuant to IFR 6.2.1(b);
(c) if the Fund does not have a Shari'a Supervisory Board appointed to it pursuant to IFR 6.2.1(c), what widely acceptable screening methodologies are used by the Fund to ensure Shari'a compliance with respect to investments made for the Fund, and the board that has approved them;
(d) if applicable, the manner and frequency of Shari'a reviews;
(e) how earnings prohibited by Shari'a will be disposed of; and
(f) whether Zakat is the responsibility of the Fund or the responsibility of the Unitholders.