6.1 The purpose of this Chapter is to set out the Registration Authority’s policy on the exercise of its powers to take action on its own-initiative.
6.2 The CLR 2015 enables the Registration Authority to take the following actions on its own-initiative:
a. vary a license to carry on controlled activities;
b. cancel a license to carry on controlled activities; or
c. impose requirements on a licence to carry on controlled activities.
6.3 Circumstances may arise as part of the Registration Authority’s supervision of a licensed person, or issues may arise during an enforcement investigation, which prompt the Registration Authority to consider taking own-initiative action.
6.4 Additionally, where a licensed person applies for a variation of a licence, the Registrar may impose on that person such requirements, taking effect on the variation of the licence, as the Registration Authority considers appropriate.
6.5 The Registration Authority exercises its power to take own-initiative action when it considers it appropriate to do so in pursuit of one or more of its statutory objectives. The decision whether to take own-initiative action is based on the information available to the Registration Authority at the time the decision is made on a case by case basis.