Introduction to disqualification orders

7.1 A disqualification order is an order made by the Registrar disqualifying a person from:
a. being a director of a company;
b. acting as a receiver of a company;
c. taking part in the promotion, formation or management of a company; or
d. acting as an insolvency practitioner.
7.2 A disqualification order may be issued to:
a. a person convicted of a criminal offence in the UAE in connection with the promotion, formation, management, liquidation or striking off of a company, with the receivership of a company’s property, or with their being an administrative receiver of a company;
b. a person who has been persistently in default of any regulation in the ADGM requiring any return, account or other document to be given to the Registrar;
c. a person who is guilty of fraudulent trading, or other fraud in relation to the company; or
d. a person who is, or has been, a director or shadow director of a company, where the Registrar is satisfied that the person’s conduct in relation to the company makes them unfit to be concerned in the management of a company and it is in the public interest to make the order.
7.3 Unless the Registrar otherwise orders, the period of disqualification begins 21 days after the order is made.
7.4 If a disqualification order is made against a person who is already subject to a disqualification order or a disqualification undertaking, then the periods of disqualification run concurrently.
7.5 The minimum period to be specified in a disqualification order is two years, while the maximum period of a disqualification order is 15 years.