MIR 2.11.11

In determining whether a Recognised Body's procedures for consulting Members and other users of its facilities are appropriate, the Regulator may have regard to the extent to which the procedures include:

(a) informal discussions at an early stage with users of its facilities or appropriate representative bodies;
(b) publication to users of its facilities of a formal consultation paper which includes clearly expressed reasons for the proposed changes and an appropriately detailed assessment of the likely costs and benefits;
(c) adequate time for users of its facilities to respond to the consultation paper and for the Recognised Body to take their responses properly into account;
(d) adequate arrangements for making responses to consultation available for inspection by users of its facilities, unless the respondent requests otherwise;
(e) adequate arrangements for ensuring that the Recognised Body has proper regard to the representations received; and
(f) publication, no later than the publication of the amended rules, of a reasoned account of the Recognised Body's decision to amend its rules.