MKT 2.6.6

For the purposes of section 53 of the FSMR, the circumstances which may warrant the delisting of Securities by the Regulator include, but are not limited to, where:

(1) the Securities are no longer admitted to trading as required by these Rules and the FSMR;
(2) the Listed Entity no longer satisfies one or more of its continuing obligations for listing;
(3) the Securities have been suspended from the Official List for more than six months;
(4) it is necessary because the Securities have been subject to a merger, Takeover or reverse Takeover;
(5) the listing is a secondary listing and the Securities have been cancelled on their primary listing or are no longer admitted to trading for such primary listing;
(6) it is in the interests of the ADGM, including the interests of investors, potential investors or the ADGM capital markets; or
(7) the Securities have been redeemed or cease to exist for any other reason.