Offer of Securities — chapter 4

3. Chapter 4 contains:
a. the requirements applicable to a Person who:
i. makes an Offer of Securities to the Public (other than in respect of Units, which are covered by the Prospectus and other requirements in the Fund Rules); or
ii. applies to have Securities admitted to trading on a Recognised Body (other than the admission to trading of Units, which is governed by the requirements in chapter 3);
b. the types of Exempt Offers (i.e. Securities which can be offered to the public without a Prospectus), Exempt Securities (i.e. Securities which can be admitted to trading on a Recognised Body without a Prospectus) and Exempt Communications (i.e. communications relating to Securities which are not treated as a Prospectus);
c. the requirements and procedures relating to the approval of a Prospectus by the Regulator;
d. the requirements and procedures relating to the structure and content of a Prospectus including:
i. when material may be incorporated into a Prospectus by reference; and
ii. liability for the content of a Prospectus including the liability of Experts and other Persons whose reports or opinions are included in a Prospectus with their consent for such inclusion; and
e. the circumstances in which the Regulator may accept an Offer document prepared in accordance with the legislation applicable in a jurisdiction other than the Regulator as sufficient for the purposes of meeting the Prospectus requirements in the FSMR and these Rules.