PRU A4.2.1

The applicable CCFs for off-balance sheet CR Exposures are provided in the table below.

  Description of Off-balance Sheet Item CCF
(a) Direct credit substitutes 100%
(b) Transaction-related contingent items 50%
(c) Short-term self-liquidating trade-related contingent items (applicable to both issuing and confirming banks) and commitments to underwrite debt and equity Securities 20%
(d) Note issuance facilities and revolving Underwriting facilities 50%
(e) Transactions, other than SFTs, involving the posting of Securities held by the Authorised Person as Collateral 100%
(f) Asset sales with recourse, where the Credit Risk remains with the Authorised Person 100%
(g) Other commitments with certain drawdown 100%
(h) Other commitments
(i) with an Original Maturity of more than one year
(ii) with an Original Maturity of one year or less
(iii) which are unconditionally cancellable at any time by the Authorised Person without prior notice, or that effectively provide for automatic cancellation due to deterioration in an obligor's creditworthiness