Publicity about ongoing matters

8.5 The Registration Authority’s general policy is not to publicise the fact that it is or is not investigating, or considering enforcement action about a matter.
8.6 However, in certain circumstances the Registration Authority will make exceptions to this policy and make a public announcement about an ongoing investigation or enforcement action. For example, the Registrar may make a public announcement about an ongoing investigation which he believes may lead to a party providing a disqualification undertaking. The Registration Authority will consider a public announcement if it will:
a. assist in maintaining the integrity of and confidence in ADGM or the Registration Authority;
b. protect the public, for example by announcing unlicensed conduct by a person who is under investigation by the Registration Authority;
c. prevent and restrain conduct which may cause damage to the reputation of the ADGM, for example to alert licensed persons that certain conduct is under investigation to stop and deter others from engaging in similar conduct; or
d. assist the investigation itself, for example by encouraging witnesses to come forward.
8.7 The Registration Authority may also make a public announcement about a matter under investigation if it has become the subject of public speculation or rumour, if it is considered that doing so will contain or prevent further speculation.