3.20 A warning notice or first supervisory notice will specify the time allowed for the recipient to respond in writing to the Registrar.
3.21 The recipient of a warning notice or a first supervisory notice may request an extension of the time allowed for making representations. The request should be made within seven business days of the notice being given.
3.22 If a request for an extension of time is made, the Registrar will decide whether to allow the extension, and if so, how much additional time is to be allowed for making representations. In reaching his decision the Registrar will take into account all relevant factors including any factors outside the control of the recipient of the notice that would impact on their ability to respond within the period set out in the warning notice or first supervisory notice, as well as any comments from the relevant Registration Authority staff.
3.23 If the recipient of a warning notice or a first supervisory notice indicates that he wishes to make oral representations, the Registrar will fix a date or dates for a meeting at which the Registrar will receive those representations. The Registrar will ensure that the meeting is conducted so as to enable:
a. the recipient of the notice to make representations;
b. the relevant Registration Authority staff to respond to those representations;
c. the Registrar to raise with those present any points or questions about the matter; and
d. the recipient of the notice to respond to any points made by Registration Authority staff or the Registrar.
3.24 The Registrar may ask the recipient of the notice or Registration Authority staff to limit their representations or response in length or to particular issues arising from the warning notice or first supervisory notice.
3.25 The recipient of the warning notice or supervisory notice may elect to be legally represented at the meeting, but this is not a requirement.
3.26 Where the Registrar deems appropriate, he may ask those present at the meeting to provide additional information in writing after the meeting. If the Registrar does so, he will specify the timeframe within which that information is to be provided.
3.27 Registration Authority staff responsible for making a recommendation to the Registrar will continue to assess its appropriateness in the light of any new information or representations they receive and any material change in the facts or circumstances relating to a particular matter.