6.14 Section 14 of CLR 2015 details the power of the Registrar to impose requirements on a licensed person on its own-initiative, which is referred to as own-initiative requirement power.
6.15 The Registration Authority’s power under this section is the power to impose on a licensed person such requirements as the Registration Authority considers appropriate, where a person has applied for a variation of a licence. The own-initiative requirement power is a power to:
a. impose a new requirement;
b. vary a requirement imposed by the Registration Authority; or
c. cancel a requirement.
6.16 A requirement may be imposed so as to require the person concerned to take specified action or so as to require the person concerned to refrain from taking specified action. A requirement may also extend to activities which are not controlled activities.
6.17 Under section 15(5) of CLR 2015, a requirement may be expressed to expire at the end of such period as the Registration Authority may specify, but the imposition of a requirement that expires at the end of the specified period does not effect the Registration Authority’s power to impose a new requirement.