Tokens not deemed to be Digital Securities

3.10 It should also be noted that not all ICOs constitute an Offer of Securities under the FSMR or MKT. Where tokens do not have the features and characteristics of Securities such as Shares, Debentures or Units in a Fund, the offer of such tokens is unlikely to be an Offer of Securities, nor is the trading of such tokens likely to constitute a Regulated Activity under FSMR.
3.11 In unregulated ICOs, investors do not benefit from any of the safeguards that accompany a regulated Offer of Securities. Reliable information regarding the issuer, and what it plans to do with the funds raised may be lacking. The risk of fraud and loss of capital is therefore significantly higher. This is particularly likely to be the case where a token issuer promises extremely high investment returns that are disproportionately high relative to those generally available in the market. We advise potential investors in unregulated ICOs to exercise extreme caution before committing any funds.
3.12 However, there are instances of such unregulated ICOs being used to raise money for legitimate companies and development efforts. In such cases, while these do not fulfil the same requirements as a regulated Offer of Securities, issuers of the ICO may disclose detailed information on their products / tokens and business plan. We welcome engagement from the industry, in particular from trade bodies, in developing voluntary best-practice standards in relation to the use of such unregulated ICOs as a legitimate method for raising funds.