Voluntary Strike Off

1.10 Voluntary strike off is the process of dissolving a Company at the Company’s request, pursuant to CR 2020. There are two methods of voluntary strike off available under CR 2020:
a) voluntary strike off by company with notice to members - this is informally referred to as an “ordinary” strike off, or
b) voluntary strike off by company supported by a prescribed statement - this is informally referred to as a “simplified” strike off.
1.11 There are various eligibility requirements that must be satisfied for a Company to apply for either type of voluntary strike off. For example, in the three months prior to making an application, a Company must not have traded or carried on business.
1.12 Where a satisfactory application is submitted to the Registrar, the Registrar will issue a public notice of the Company’s intention to be struck off. If the Registrar does not receive any claims against the company at the end of the public notice period, the Company’s name is struck off the register and the Company is dissolved.
1.13 A liquidator or insolvency practitioner is not required to complete this process. However, voluntary strike off is not an alternative to formal insolvency proceedings.