Warning notice

7.23 If the Registrar proposes to make a disqualification order, the Registrar will first issue a warning notice.
7.24 The warning notice must:
a. state the action which the Registrar proposes to take;
b. be in writing;
c. give reasons for the proposed action; and
d. state whether section 257 (access to material) applies and, if it does, describe its effect and state whether any secondary material exists to which the person receiving the notice must be allowed access under it.
7.25 The warning notice must specify a reasonable time (which may not be less than 14 days) within which the person concerned may make representations to the Registrar.
7.26 The recipient of a warning notice may request an extension of the time allowed for making representations. The request should be made within seven business days of the notice being given.
7.27 If the person concerned provides representations to the Registrar and the Registrar is decides not to take the action proposed in the warning notice, the Registrar must issue a notice of discontinuance to the person concerned.
7.28 If no representations are made in response to the warning notice within 14 days, the Registrar will regard the allegations or matters set out in the notice as undisputed and proceed accordingly.
7.29 Note: refer to Chapter 3 (Decision Making) for further detail on the processes and procedures regarding decision making on and issuing warning notices.